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The Leimo – Hair Loss Treatment is an all organic based treatment especially created to stop genetic baldness and is using the power of nature to regrow the lost hair.
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Leimo Hair Loss Products
* Leimo Bio Cleansing Shampoo
* Leimo Thickening Conditioner
* Leimo Scalp Therapy Day Treatment
* Leimo Scalp Serum Night Treatment
* Leimo Deep Cleansing Scalp & Body Scrub.

The LEIMO Bio-Cleansing Shampoo is a specially-designed shampoo that contains essential bio-active nutrients that nourish, moisturize and improve the hair and scalp condition, thereby creating a healthy environment for hair growth.

The LEIMO Thickening Conditioner helps to provide nourishment to the hair follicles and scalp.

The LEIMO Deep Cleansing Scalp & Body Scrub cleanses away pore-clogging grime and dead skin cells.

The LEIMO Scalp Therapy Day Treatment is an intensive antioxidant treatment designed to deliver a rich blend of Saw Palmetto extracts to help safeguard against the buildup of DHT in the scalp and follicles.

The LEIMO Scalp Serum Night Treatment is an ultra-concentrated natural formula that fights against the effects of thinning hair and DHT.

Contact Numbers:
Australia : 1800 280 250
Australia : 1800 186 303
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